Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson


Arts or sciences?
Both — sciences for day job, arts for the rest of life!
What's your daytime job?
Somewhere between an electrical engineer, contract manager and quantity surveyor.
When and where did you start singing?
I used to sing with my Mum when I was little — I can remember giving little concerts to my grandparents on Sundays, either singing or playing the viola, and Mum would play the piano.
What's your favourite choral piece of music?
Anything with amazing harmonies: from Monteverdi, Byrd and Tallis to Stanford's 'Beati quorum via', Pearsall's 'Lay a Garland' or anything by Bruckner.
What are your hobbies?
Music, obviously! Singing, playing the piano or viola, particularly chamber music — it always makes me smile :) I also love reading, cooking (I prefer making savoury dinners to baking, though… I would never win Bake Off!) and travelling and exploring new places, both in the UK and abroad.
Wine, beer or spirits?
Wine, definitely. Although a vodka and lemonade or a G&T wouldn't go amiss…
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Thanks to Strouhal and Google, approximately 11m/s. Unfortunately, for me, complex but trivial questions never seem very trivial once there might be a mathematical approach to find an answer…

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