Tim Down

Tim Down


Arts or sciences?
Both. Why choose?
What's your daytime job?
Software developer.
When and where did you start singing?
St John's Church, Stanmore. I joined the church choir when I was 8. I can't deny that part of the motivation was that it was preferable to Sunday School.
What's your favourite choral piece of music?
Depends on my mood, but Howells' Requiem takes some beating. Honourable mentions to Rachmaninov's Vespers, Duruflé's Requiem and Britten's Hymn to St Cecilia and Ceremony of Carols.
What are your hobbies?
In decreasing order of time spent recently: running, singing, football and snowboarding. Fortunately, messing about on the internet and watching TV don't count as hobbies.
Wine, beer or spirits?
All of the above, especially beer. Mmm, beer.
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Internet says roughly 11 metres per second for a European swallow. Why do you ask?

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